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LitMatch is now AuthorAdvance!

After two years of helping to connect writers with Literary Agents, the face of LitMatch has changed! Introducing AuthorAdvance, a social network built with the goal of helping writers to connect with each other, develop their skills and further their careers.

Here's a look at some of the new features:

A full-featured social network for networking and fun!

AuthorAdvance features a complete social network that allows you to interact and network with other AuthorAdvance users. Add users as friends. Follow their posts. Send private messages. Get advice and forge relationships. Join discussions on our forums. Comment on listings and other users' content. Share advice and ideas. Make the connections that will improve your writing and help you get published!

Expanded listings that you can add to and edit!

Our listings now contain entries for short story, article and poetry markets, publishers (traditional and self-), contests, events, resources, services and products! Along with posting comments, you can rate each listing, warn users about potential scams and keep track of listings you want to revisit in your hotlist.

We've opened our listings to allow you to make additions and updates directly to the system. No more waiting to record a submission to a new agent or market you've found. Just add it in. If you find something that's out of date, correcting it is quick and simple. Best of all, the other content you create can be tied to any listing, adding depth and perspective beyond just facts and figures.

Upgraded submission tracking!

The submission tracking system has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground-up! Track all communications and inquiries regardless of when in the submission process you send them. Add notes and status updates at any point in the process. You can also re-order your actions within each submission to view them in a way that makes best sense to you.

And, with our expanded listings, you now have the ability to track any kind of manuscript you wish to send. Screenplays, short stories, freelance articles, poems...track them all and organize your search for publication. There's never any limit to the number of manuscripts you can track, so you can use Author Advance to organize every aspect of your search for publication.

Articles and Blogs that you create!

Got advice and experiences you'd like to share? Post them here and reach an audience of thousands of writers just like you! Articles let you share information about the craft, the publishing industry and the writing left. Blogs cover just about everything else, and give you the freedom to express your opinions and your personality on any topic.

Any articles and blogs you post are indexed by our search engine so that other users can find them easily. You can also choose to send notices to your Twitter account each time you post, so you can share your contributions with the rest of the world!

Public and Private Groups!

Create groups for any region or interest. Discuss topics and make new friends and contacts with similar interests and backgrounds. Manage your local writer's group online. Post group events, contests and news. Create a private space to get feedback on your work from trusted colleagues. Host an online poetry circle. The possibilities are endless!

A New Look!

We've updated everything about the site, not the least of which is our look! We've ditched the large ads to give you more room for navigating and viewing content. Everything's been reorganized to make it easier to access all the new content. But we've also taken pains to make things as familiar as possible, so if you've been using LitMatch, you'll be right at home when you view things like listings and titles.