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Last Updated: Wed, 06/20/2012 - 8:19am
Subsidy Publisher
Currently Accepting Submissions
Currently Accepting Submissions
Email Submission Status Unknown
Email Submission Status Unknown
Postal Submissions Preferred
Postal Submissions Preferred


Sacristy Press is a small, independent, publishing house based in Durham City. Its founding principles are that the best books happen when publishers and authors work together to ensure a high quality manuscript with exceptional production.

Do you have an idea for a book? Sacristy press is always interested in discussing potential projects.

For up to the minute news about our exciting new literary projects follow us on Twitter at @sacristypress and find us on Facebook.

Contact Information

PO Box 612
United Kingdom
Phone: 0191 303 8 313
ATTN: Submissions

Submission Guidelines

This publisher accepts unsolicited submissions.
Full submission guidelines can be found at:
Submit materials as attachments.
Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 3 Chapters
Non-Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 3 Chapters
Sacristy Press is currently accepting book proposals. Would you like to join our rapidly expanding group of authors? At Sacristy Press we firmly believe that the best books are collaborations between dedicated authors and dedicated publishers. Together we can make it happen. If you would like us to consider your work, please send us the following documents: A one-page covering letter outlining the project A sample chapter or section of your book Your CV (max. 2 pages) A completed project proposal form (MS Word template that can be found on our website) Send these documents, on paper, to Sacristy Press, PO Box 612, Durham, DH1 9HT. We will contact you to confirm receipt within four weeks, at which point we will give some indication of when we expect to be able to review your submission.

Payment Info

Charges Fee: Yes
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