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Last Updated: Sun, 09/05/2010 - 9:24pm
Currently Accepting Submissions
Currently Accepting Submissions
Email Submissions Allowed
Email Submissions Allowed
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Postal Submissions Allowed


We're book-lovers. Like you, we like the look of books, the feel of books, the mystery of books. And, of course, we love to read them.

Oak Tree Press is an independent publisher that celebrates writers, and is dedicated to the many great unknowns who are just waiting for the opportunity to break into print. Mission Statement

Anyone who has ever tried knows how tough it is to get published in this blockbuster, celebrity, name-author world. Today the face of publishing is made up of massive conglomerates formed through buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions, with an inclination to focus on large runs with established name authors and projected "blockbuster" properties.

As a result, many extremely talented authors are abandoned or ignored altogether. Oak Tree fills this market niche, creating opportunities for authors and allowing the book buying public the power to opt for quality and diversity over celebrity.

In addition, we commit to a title for the long haul and maintain "in print and available" status for our books that goes far, far beyond the typical. Book industry standards consider a title "sold through" within 8-10 weeks of its release. At Oak Tree, we know that some titles take a while to catch on with readers, and don't drop later bloomers or slow starters from our list of available titles. We still support titles which were published in the first years of our business.

We Love Writers . . .

And we understand how the formulaic, celebrity-driven arena of big time publishing has all but eliminated chances for emerging authors. For over ten years, Oak Tree Press has joined other independent publishers and writers to fill this void in the publishing market. We're looking for authors of mainstream, genre fiction and narrative non-fiction who are ready to do what it takes to introduce their books to the reading public. We're looking for you!

Oak Tree works with the authors to develop and execute marketing plans tailored for each book released. We present our books at Book Expos and Fairs, exhibit at library shows, regional bookseller shows and conferences everywhere.

Oak Tree is committed to producing a quality book which will pass the scrutiny of all the major players in the book business. Our Specs We are a stocking publisher with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble Extended Title Database. We are also a vendor to Coutts Library Service, Midwest Library Service, The Book House, and Folletts.

In addition, we realize that very often a bookshop is not the only venue to sell books. For some titles, bookshops may be the least effective way to introduce a book to readers. Therefore, Oak Tree Press actively networks with numerous other groups and associations. We will offer our retailer's terms to other outlets where there may be a good match. We've listed in hobby catalogs, professional newsletters, event programs, local maps (sponsored by business ads) and more.

Friends and Associations

Oak Tree Press has a lot of friends, and we're making more and more all the time. Writers, readers, publishers. . . anyone with ink on his hands and a story in his heart.

Oak Tree Press is a member of several book-industry organizations such as Chicago Women in Publishing, Illinois Women's Press Association (part of the National Federation of Press Women), and SPAN (Small Press Association of North America). We also belong to the Public Safety Writers Association and ABFFE (American Booksellers for Freedom of Expression, to which we donate a box of books each year for its silent auction held during Book Expo). We also support numerous literacy causes.

At Oak Tree Press, we realize the value of being a citizen of our own community as well, and therefore support the activities of the Taylorville Tourism Council and Taylorville Arts Council. Publisher Billie Johnson is a member of longstanding in the American Association of University Women and is very active in the local chapter where she currently holds the office of Second Vice President (Membership). We are also a member of Human Rights Watch. Both Oak Tree and Johnson are supporters of animal causes, donating both time and money to numerous shelters and pet centers across the US, including vets and shelters in New Orleans after the devastation of Katrina. In addition, Oak Tree Press offers free programs to women's shelters in Central Illinois which teach resume and other practical writing skills, plus creative writing.

Plus. . . we're a lot of fun! Check out our titles and stay in touch with us!

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