Plunder Ridge

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; December 1969

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Treasure hunting is a man’s world, unless you consider Orianna Killborn. She is a woman at the top of her game- celebrity status as an antique appraiser and national fame as an antiquities dealer. Tired of earning money off other people’s antiquities, she decides to become a treasure hunter.

Horge Jaborvich is a relic hunter trying to stay one step ahead of the G-men cracking down on archeological looting. Horge and his gang of unscrupulous characters possess the resources to eliminate those who get in their way.

Little does Orianna know Horge seeks the same treasure.

To most people, deserts are barren life forms that hide dark secrets . . . and unlikely places for pirate treasure. But not according to Orianna Killborn and Horge Jaborvich. Both believe stories about the mysterious lost ship of the desert. Orianna soon finds herself in a cat and mouse game against Horge and the race is on to locate the lost galleon.

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