Listing Guidelines

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At AuthorAdvance, our database of listings can be added to or edited by any user at any time.  In order to maintain a consistent level of quality throughout all listings, we ask that you adhere to the following basic guidelines when you create or update a listing:


  • Always follow the Terms of Service. Any and all communications you make on AuthorAdvance are governed by our Terms of Service.  Please familiarize yourself with these terms and adhere to them whenever you post or edit a listing.
  • Stick to facts, rather than opinions or guesswork. The listings themselves should contain only factual information that can be independently verified. Any guesswork, anecdotes, or opinions may be added as comments, but should not be included as part of the listing proper.
  • Check your information before posting. Whenever possible, draw your information directly from the listing’s website, or from official communications from that listing. If you choose to add information that you found on a third-party website (such as a blog or other research site), please attempt to verify that information through another source before you post it on AuthorAdvance.
  • Be as complete as possible. Please fill out as much information about the listing as you can find. If you only have time to enter the listing name and a few bits of key information, that’s fine; just be sure to mark the listing as “Needs Updating” when you save it.
  • Avoid self-reference. Please avoid the use of “I”, “we” or other self-reference in any publicly visible listing fields (for example, instead of “I found out that…” use “The agency’s website states that…” or similarly neutral phrasing.)
  • Avoid copying and pasting without proper citation. Copying small amounts of text (no more than a short paragraph or two) from a listing’s website is permitted, but please do so sparingly, and paraphrase wherever possible. If you do quote directly from a website or other publication, be sure to cite the source of the quote (usually, just posting “From their website:” and enclosing the text in quotation marks is sufficient). When in doubt, or when the text in question is more than just a few lines, provide a link to the page on the listing’s website instead.
  • Don’t forget the “Log Message” field. This field doesn’t appear on the listing itself, but serves to give context to the revision you have just made. Use it to list the sources you drew from when making changes to or adding a listing.
  • Report malicious use and Spam. If you come across a listing that has been maliciously altered, spammed, or otherwise vandalized, you may correct the listing directly. However, be sure to report the abuse to us using our contact form so that we can act to prevent further malicious actions by the offending user.