YA-Fiction Writers

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A place where we as Young Adult Fiction writers/creators can hone or craft, exchange notes, anecdotes and constructively critique eachother.

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Good Day and salutations to you all. My speciality in young adult fiction is based around Dragons. I believe them to be the greatest creatures of Fantasy and they have been my passion as long as i can remember. For those of you who are also interested in reading or writing about dragons, look up my group here on Authoradvance called Dragons. I am new to the world of published literature and i am open to any advice you might have. Also, if you have something you would like to have read or something that you would like to read i am open to both.

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I am wondering if there are some YA writers out there that have something worth talking about.

Now that statement ought to shake out some new posts and get people talking. Donna

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YA-Fiction Writers