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Warning! This looks like a big scam to me: YouWriteOn

I got the below as an email, and I am not in the least interested, but I did google some of the titles and discovered they are published by different companies. Beware if you get this.

Dear Writer

YouWriteOn is inviting up to 200 authors to publish who are the first to email back the following details below by 27th September 2010, and who send their books according to the attached submission requirements by 18th October 2010 when the publishing process will begin. See feedback from recently published authors below, publishing usually takes 3 to 4 weeks if a book is correctly submitted. We also attach book submission requirements, plus a 5 inch wide x 8 inch high book interior template, and a 6 inch wide x 9 inch high book interior template to paste your book into if you wish to use these. We recommend the 6 x 9 template for books with word counts over 60,000 words, but it is your choice which size to print at. If submission requirements are not met by a book we not be able to publish it this time due to the high volume of submissions, and will inform authors accordingly.

Your Book Details – send YouWriteOn the full following details if you wish to be considered for publishing Send to only

1) Your Book Title(s):
2) Your Author Name for your Book:
3) Your Actual Name if different from Author Name:
4) Your contact email address:
5) Your Book Genre:
6) Your Book Synopsis for your back cover and for bookseller websites (up to 200 words)
7) Are you interested in distribution for sale on bookseller websites such as Amazon and WHSmith (distribution fee £49.99) ?
8) So we may prepare, the amount of author discount copies you may wish to order of your book?
9) Would you prefer to choose a template cover or will you be providing your own cover images?

Your Cover Images: If providing your own cover image(s), email a jpeg of 300 dpi (or close/very good resolution) with cover text that is .5 inch from the sides of your cover. This should be in proportion to 5 inches wide x 8 inches high, or 6 inches wide x 8 inches high, depending on the size you choose to publish at. If you are uncertain of your image's size, email us the image anyway and we will inform you if it is suitable. Please note – in order to be published cover text should be kept .5 inch from all outer sides of images provided, and .3 inch from inner sides (for example, for a front cover image the outer sides are the top, bottom and right hand sides of the image, and the inner side is the left hand side). We can add text to a cover for you.

Template Images: If you prefer to use one of our cover templates they can be viewed on the following link, reply with your choice of template cover:

If your book is ready and waiting we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Recently Published Books - Feedback August 2010

Book Title Ironroot: "Received the copy today and very happy with it. Please go ahead with distribution asap and thanks again."

Book Title Flower Maiden: "Thank you for the all-in-one image of the cover .. Great job."

Book Title On Striding Edge: "I approve, yes! Go ahead with Amazon and booksellers, etc.
I am so pleased with the look of On Striding Edge, and the format looks very good inside too."

Book Title Behind The Blue Shutters: "The front cover is spot on. Still top team for me."

Book Title Scabs 2: "Books received this morning, read, and checked. Very happy."

Book Title Circle of Fire: "The cover is brilliant, thank you."

BW: It also came with attachments, which I did NOT open.


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Hey BlueWolfe,

Gopod catch, check out what Victoria Strauss says

Michael Drakich

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I think there are two areas with, one is that they are mainly known as a peer review exchange site in the UK with big publishers like Random House and Orion (Terry Pratchett, Grisham) involved for a number of years to provide free critiques for their highest rated new writers opening chapters each month.

YouWriteOn have been going a number of years and had some successes for review exchange. Their book of the year last year 'The Legacy' was picked up by Orion after being read by an Orion editor on YouwriteOn and got to the top three on Amazon plus voted number one in a nationally broadcast TV Book Club in the UK this year. This year their book of the year got picked up by Little Brown (Stephanie Meyer, Iain Banks) after similarly being spotted by an agent on

As for POD, I think the industry and writers are generally still a bit cynical about it, and perhaps with good reason for some, so perhaps they should stick to review exchange and not invest further in Print On Demand. I'm a member of a few sites including youwriteon and authonomy, and saw Author Advance while browsing which had some very interesting info on agents. I think well browsing youwriteon some people posting did have some nice things to say about Author Advance previously, so who knows, maybe there are some friendly peoples as there are here.


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