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Beta Gang

Members of the Beta Gang are the elite first writers to join AuthorAdvance.

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Thar Be S.F., Fantasy and Horror Writers

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Fiction-Novel Peer Editors

Exchange well-polished book chapters, manuscripts, and pitch-letters and commit to providing frank, constructive feedback.

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Memoir Writers

A group for those interested in memoir

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The Saga Group

For writers of large works and serials

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Urban Fantasy

Hoping to create a group of urban fantasy/contemporary paranormal writers to look to for genre discussions.

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Lost Souls

We can share our fears, feelings of love, ambitions, life's reality, self worth

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Outdoor Writers

Articles, Books, Blogs about the great outdoors. (Hiking, Trekking, Fishing, Hunting, Exploring, etc.)

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Three's Fun

For authors with one or two novels published with royalty-paying publisher/s, looking for a home for second or third.

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Serious Writers

Writers (published or not - any genre) trying to learn how, get better, get published, do marketing. Help each other; share info, ideas, expertise.

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A group for humorists, writers who write only humor, or some humor, or want to write it in any genre.

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Children's Book Writers

For writers, agents and publishers of children's books.

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Poets & Poetry

Poetry, Spoken word, whatever you want to call it. In any form, traditional or nontraditional.

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Young Adult Fiction

A group for published or aspiring to be published YA authors; fantasy,paranoramal,romance,fiction, whatever floats your boat.

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Advice from Edward It (but you can call him 'Ed'), one of the most engaging book editors in the industry.

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Mystery and Thriller Writers do it in the Library with pens and keyboards! A place to discuss anything & everything about the genre(s).

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Brit Writers

Based in the UK? This is the place for you.

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The California Writers Group

All things west of The West.

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Australian Writers

A mutual support forum and for anyone writing anything in Australia and whether published or not.

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