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For three weeks I put myself through a marketing push that has finally made a few dents in the sales of the two published novels in the Julius Thompson Trilogy. I’ve finished the third book, The Ghosts of Atlanta, and I’m in the editing process. I’ve spent the past twelve years developing this trilogy and the Journey is almost over. My Marketing push began on Labor Day weekend with the AJC Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, Georgia where I had the experience of talking about my first novel, A Brownstone In Brooklyn, at the Java Monkey coffee house, then three weeks later I had the pleasure of debuting my second novel, Philly Style & Philly Profile, at Robins Bookstore in Philadelphia on Sept. 13th. However, the experience of going back to my old neighborhood to speak in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant section at the Creative Arts Fair on Lewis Avenue, across the street from the Macon Library on Sept. 14h, was an experience that I’m still savoring. For three weeks I lived the life of a writer and it was awesome. Now, if I can only do this fulltime

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Wow - very impressive. At this rate, you should be going fulltime soon.

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Thank you for commenting on my blog...that's my goal to be a brand name author!

Julius Thompson

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