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"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Sometimes, during the course of building a website, you look back a particular piece of functionality, and that's all you can say. Keeping the listing filters hidden in an expandable area was just such an idea. The plan was to keep them accessible, but out of the way, but after listening to a lot of user feedback, it became clear that all it did was make them difficult to find.

So, we took the filters out of hiding and redesigned the listing pages to put them right alongside the data. The result is a cleaner look, with filters that are more readable and better formatted. We've done the same thing on your My Submissions list, the Groups page, and everywhere else that filters appear on the site. It's a much better idea, and a big improvement.

For those of you who may not have been able to find them before, filters let you narrow down a set of listings by genre, submission status, location, and other criteria. They can be used one by one, or in combination to produce highly targeted results. And now, they're much easier to get to.

This change is just one of a number of usability and formatting tweaks that have been put in place over the past few weeks. More are in store for the near future, so if you have an idea about how to make the site better organized or easier to use, be sure to contact us and let us know!

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Good job. Much easier when they're not hidden. Looks slick!

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THANK YOU! The filters are what drew me to your site in the first place - and when, after the redesign, I had problems even finding them again - I was really bummed out. So much better!

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