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AuthorAdvance has just finished its open beta test phase. This phase lasted a little longer than we intended, but since we launched several months ago, we’ve fixed hundreds of bugs, cleaned up formatting, added new features like the Dashboard and user Activity, and generally made the site more stable and easier to use. The result is a state-of-the-art networking and research tool that is, at long last, officially open for business!

But the progress doesn’t stop there. During the testing process, we received a lot of feedback about how to make the site more user-friendly and easier to navigate. We’ll be implementing a number of changes to put that feedback into practice. We’ll also be updating our Getting Started Guides with step-by-step instructions to help both new users and veterans alike get the most out of what the site has to offer.

We’ll also be focusing on data development, which means filling out the site with more markets, resources and services. Because our listings are openly-editable you can assist with these efforts by adding new ones at any time. We’re working on a few incentives to sweeten the deal. More on that soon, but you can get a jump start by visiting our Listings and adding some new ones today.

And last but not least, we’re already hard at work on the next set of new features, which we’ll be unveiling in the coming months. As we continue move forward, we want to hear from you about the kinds of tools and features you’d like to see become a part of AuthorAdvance. Contact Us and let us know!

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I guess I'll be stuck forever with the standard issue avatar/picture since I worked for about thirty minutes trying to change it to no avail. Apparently all my pictures are the wrong SIZE?

I am also curious why my lit match password is no longer adequate for the new site.

I think that the new format has a lot of potential but for us computer dummies, time spent trying to figure out the system is time not writing.


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There are size limits on the pictures the system can accept. Have you tried resizing the image and then submitting it? If you're still having issues, just contact us with a support request and we'll get it sorted out.

Even though the Beta period is over, we're making constant improvements and tweaks to the system based on user feedback. If you come across something that's confusing or something that could be improved, just drop us a line and let us know. This site was built on user suggestions, and those suggestions are always going to be an important part of what we do.

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This site was built on user suggestions, and those suggestions are always going to be an important part of what we do. patent for viagra


Beta test period is over! See our blog for details.
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