New Features: "Invite Friends" and Additional Filters

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With a new website, not every feature that's planned for the initial launch is able to make it in time. Some are delayed in favor of other features, some just take a little extra time to perfect. This week saw the inclusion of two such features, the first of many enhancements that are currently being planned and developed for AuthorAdvance.

The first new feature is the "Invite Friends" link that appears to logged in users in the navigation on the left sidebar. Clicking this link will bring you to a form that allows you to quickly invite new users to the site. The form allows you to invite as many friends as you like all at once, and you can choose to automatically add them to your friends or followers list once they've signed up. It's a great way to tell other writers about AuthorAdvance and all the features it has to offer!

The next is an enhancement to an existing feature. At launch, the filters that appear above the lists of Agents, Agencies, Publishers, Contests and Markets were kept to a minimum for reasons of time. Now that the site is live and stable, the process of adding the full filter set has begun. The first of these new filters adds the ability to limit lists according to Category, Genre, or any combination thereof. All filters can be used in combination with one another, allowing you to quickly narrow down the list of options to just those you are most interested in.

Even more features are in the works for the coming weeks, so watch this space for the latest news about all the latest enhancements!

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What seems to be missing from the new iteration of the old Litmatch functionality is the ability to search for an agent by genre.

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It's there, just in a different place. When you're viewing the list of agents (or agencies, or markets, etc.), click the "Show Filters" link that appears above the table. This exposes a form that allows you to narrow the results shown on the table by any combination of criteria, including genre.


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