Charlotte Sheedy

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Last Updated: Fri, 09/11/2009 - 2:56pm
Currently Accepting Submissions
Currently Accepting Submissions
Email Submission Status Unknown
Email Submission Status Unknown
Postal Submission Status Unknown
Postal Submission Status Unknown
Gender: Female


Submissions by postal mail only.

Contact Information

65 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
United States
Phone: (212) 780-6050
Fax: (212) 780-6095

Submission Guidelines

Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 3 Chapters
Non-Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
First 3 Chapters
"Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. is highly selective in offering representation to writers, and many of our new clients are referred to us by authors or publishing professionals. We receive an extraordinarily large number of unsolicited submissions and can seriously consider only those with merit. Please submit a query letter, a synopsis of the work, a brief proposal or the first three chapters of the manuscript, a brief bio or resume, and a stamped self-addressed envelope for reply. Original artwork is not accepted. Enclose sufficient postage if you wish to have your materials returned to you. We do not respond to unsolicited e-mail inquiries."

Clients & Projects

Nassim Assefi Mary Frances Berry Lisa Brown Lee Buttala Sean Conway Blanche Cook Christopher Curtis Eve Ensler E.R. Frank Marilyn French Laurie Garrett Linda Gordon Vivian Gornick Adele Griffin Lani Guinier Daniel Handler Paul Hoppe Maira Kalman Mark Kurlanksy Audre Lorde Marcus Mabry Janet McDonald Diane McWhorter Yuyi Morales Nell Painter Lemony Snicket Cameron Tuttle Tim Tyson Debra Weinstein Jacqueline Woodson
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Response Data


Initial Follow -up Overall
Offers 0 0 0
Requests 0 0 0
Rejected 2 0 2
Withdrawn 0 0 0

Response Times

Responses Fastest Slowest Average
Overall 3 9 days 128 days 49 days
Email 1 128 days 128 days 128 days
Postal Mail 2 9 days 9 days 9 days
Other/ Unspecified 0 -- -- --

There is 1 submission currently awaiting response.