Marianne Strong Literary Agency

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Last Updated: Sat, 08/07/2010 - 7:24pm
Currently Accepting Submissions
Currently Accepting Submissions
Email Submissions Allowed
Email Submissions Allowed
Postal Submissions Allowed
Postal Submissions Allowed


Additional staff:

Natasha Brown (Agency Assistant) -
Rebecca Murray (Agency Assistant) -

Natasha Brown has revised the agency e-mail addresses.

Roseanne Wells is also an agent at the Marianne Strong Literary Agency

Contact Information

65 East 96th Street
New York, NY 10128
United States
Phone: (212) 249-1000
Fax: (212) 831-3241

Genres and Categories


Submission Guidelines

Submit materials in the email's body text.
Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
Non-Fiction - Query With:
Query Letter
"Authors seeking representation should submit a one page query letter containing a brief synopsis and a short bio which highlights previously published work and applicable credentials. Query letters can be submitted via email or regular mail. Please do not send full proposals or manuscripts until invited to do so. Unsolicited manuscripts will be recycled, not returned. Once you have contacted the agency with your query, be prepared to wait six to eight weeks for our office to respond. Unsolicited queries will be responded to as quickly as possible: we receive a large amount of material, and commit to giving each query an attentive reading. If we are interested in your work, then you will be invited to submit a full proposal, which consists of the following: *Synopsis of the Work *Chapter Outline *Character Sketch (for fiction manuscripts) *Marketing Analysis (an overlooked but highly-important document) *Author Bio Please do not call inquiring about the status of your submission, as our staff and agents are using their time to remain attentive to clients and incoming queries. WHAT MAKES A GOOD QUERY (or, How to Avoid the Slush Pile) *Legibility and Lucidity. Good spelling and a readable font are a must, as is clear, concise language. *Demonstration of Research. Don't submit an impersonal query letter or a mass e-mail distribution. Take the time to find an agency that you believe matches your interests and address them personally. And in your letter, demonstrate that you know the market for which you are writing. *Only submit one book; do not list several to choose from. *Platform. Include information about why you are the one to write this book: any relevant experience, education, awards, publications. *Include all contact information. *Send e-mail attachment only when invited. **** The Strong Agency, in keeping with industry standards and in contradiction to abecedarian websites such as "Preditors and Editors," does not charge representation fees to our clients. Our clients do pay for postal or messenger delivery of materials to potential editors, photocopying, and overseas phone or fax. (a standard and professional charge per Writer's Digest). **** The Strong Agency also offers literary management for struggling authors who wish to hire our staff for editing, revisions, public relations, and marketing to second or third tier publishers. These services are separate from the Agency's work, and are fee-based."

Clients & Projects

Trisha de Borchgrave J. Kenneth Brody Denise LeFrak Calicchio Marv Davis Tina Santi Flaherty Angela Hemingway Ted Kavanau Phoebe Legere Joan Whitney Payson Jeff Scarborough Rosemarie Stack Marty Weil Ian Williams
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Response Data


Initial Follow -up Overall
Offers 0 0 0
Requests 6 0 6
Rejected 5 1 5
Withdrawn 0 0 0

Response Times

Responses Fastest Slowest Average
Overall 15 0 days 431 days 60 days
Email 15 0 days 431 days 60 days
Postal Mail 0 -- -- --
Other/ Unspecified 0 -- -- --

There are 58 submissions currently awaiting response.